HR strategy articulation and implementation

We help organisations build their HR strategy and processes in alignment with expected business outcomes. This involves the design of and implementation support for overall HR and Talent Strategy and specific HR processes.

Learning and Development effectiveness consulting

We are an affiliate of Cerebyte Inc., USA, and use their neuroscience based protocols to design and implement highly effective learning and development interventions for organisations. These may be stand-alone programmes with specific objectives, using our Affirmative Leadership protocol, or may support existing Learning and Development efforts within the organisation through our embedded learning protocol.

The average return on investment witnessed by organizations that have run this program has been 20X.

Over 90% people who have been through this protocol show a measurable, sustained change in behaviors and attitudes.

Strategic Talent Evaluation, Succession and Engagement

Our team has significant experience in helping organizations mitigate business continuity risk through managing critical talent.

We do this through in-depth evaluation of talent, planning for succession & careers and anchoring transformational talent discussions.

We enable organizations to deeply engage with critical talent using the revolutionary principles of Dan Pink’s Motivation 3.0.

Measurement of Learning Effectiveness

We rigorously measure effectiveness of our own interventions, and also work with clients to measure outcomes of their existing L &D initiatives.